Councils and Government departments have historically struggled to reliably track and prevent fraud. By using the expertise and analysis provided by in-depth views of their data, Solihull are leading the way in fraud prevention.

Using data to stop identity theft and fraud is not new. However, Solihull have taken this to a new level. Their ability to analysis the data they hold, and that made available by other organisations, has enabled them to monitor potential fraudulent claims, and not only prevent money being lost, but also to aide in the recover of money lost to historical fraud. The system also helps to ensure compliance with tax rules and laws. So far, they has stopped millions of pounds in fraud, specifically with identity theft, and recovered more than £500,000 over the last three years.

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Throughout the Solihull metropolitan area, public sensors are being placed to measure air quality, light intensity, sound volume, heat, precipitation, wind, and mobile phone traffic to count pedestrians (without sacrificing privacy laws). The ultimate goal is to make the city a safer, more efficient, and cleaner place to live while attracting technical researchers and, rolling out in phases, to offer the city a new public utility.

This data based approach has been rolled out across other areas of the council's remit. Solihull have consulted with many unitary authorities around the UK to advise and partner in helping other authorities to improve team performance. When they looked at dozens of variables on team composition, they could see how a set of small improvements would add up. By looking at the number of members on a team, the time-zone spread, the relationship between workers, and other factors, the improvements ultimately added up to a 22% increase in productivity.

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